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You’ve Got Mail is the nest that my writing projects launch from. Functionally, if we know each other, it’s a longer-form alternative to updates on the social media feed (which I no longer tend to). If we don’t know each other, your inbox will get an occasional delivery of reflections, essays, and poems as they iterate toward longer-form writing projects.

I write about: disability and living with multiple sclerosis, politics (not the horse race electoral kind, the how-the-world-works kind), queerness, parenting, other people’s writing, and living in a beautiful terrible world in a time of peak intensity. It’s Scorpio rising 12th house energy mixed with Gemini sunshine that’s been filtered through a fair amount of good therapy. Subscribe to get each new post sent directly to your inbox.

Who’s writing this newsletter?

By day, Grover is a parent, poet, essayist, and communications strategist for justice. By night, they drop a book on their face and fall fast asleep. You can read some of Grover’s past work at www.groverwehmanbrown.com.

A listicle of things I have been but am no longer.

  1. Host and creator of Masculine Birth Ritual Podcast.

  2. A bike messenger (wow, what a dangerous job that I was terrible at).

  3. A member of my elementary school quiz bowl team.

  4. Unhoused, like (far) more than half a million Americans on any given night.

If you’re going to use pronouns to refer to me, use they or she. If you’re going to tee my name up with an honorific (fancy!) use Mx. or Dr.

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Grover is fueled by dark coffee and bitter tea as they parent, strategize, and write against the clock and into a better world.